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By *wait for it* Baris Ersoy

When the very concept of truth comes under assault, empirical analysis becomes a moral imperative.



I have always believed that the human identity is shaped and influenced by a variety of factors; among those are family, social environment, and cultural value systems, which culminate in the formation of a sense of purpose. 


Thanks to a libertarian upbringing in my native Turkey and a rare opportunity to study in the US, I have come to appreciate the premise that there exist certain self-evident truths which transcend tribes, cultures, and borders. My definition of an ideal society is not one built on a specific ethnic identity or a mythos, but on principles and values.

I regard the values of self-determination, free enterprise, and the inalienable sovereignty of an individual’s conscience as guiding principles in the art of statecraft. I share the vision of a world in which sovereign nations can enjoy peace and prosperity through common defense of the above principles.


I disclose my ideological value system because my articles on matters pertaining to US geopolitical interests will be influenced by my belief that a rules-based liberal world order has been the bedrock of a prosperous and a peaceful world since the end of the last world war. However, in my monthly series The State of Turkey, I aim to present an ideologically-unbiased summary on Turkish affairs. I have an insider perspective as a native of Turkey immersed in Turkish society and politics, without harboring an ideological allegiance to any factions or causes within Turkey. Thus, I strive for balance between the viewpoints of outsiders who are unaware of the socio-cultural nuances of the Turkish psyche and those of fellow Turks whose perspectives are, more often than not, saturated by their own passionately held ideological convictions. My aim is to translate as well as transliterate Turkish affairs for my American audience. 

Thank you for visiting this site, and I welcome any discussions.

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